The Odyssey : A Soldier 's Road Home Essay

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In the epic poem of The Odyssey, the author talks about a brave hero named Odysseus, who is punished by the god Poseidon. He faces many obstacles before he is able to get back home. However, he isn’t the only one with difficulties; back home in Ithaca, Penelope and Telemachus, Odysseus wife and son, are trying to to protect their state from the wicked suitors who are taking advantage of Odysseus’ absence. Forcing Telemachus to mature and thus, secure his own reputation within the Greek society. The epic poem is constantly compared to a soldier’s road home. For instance, in the article “The Odyssey: a soldier’s road home” by Charlotte Higgins, there’s an explanation that as Odysseus difficult journey back home, all soldiers that are out there in war are in a similar position, especially when it mentions his longing to see his family again. “The great warrior’s remembered pain is made equal to that of the war of window” (1). Odysseus and his men spend ten long years fighting in the Trojan War. When the war is finally over they start their journey back home. From there Odysseus and his men face: first the Cicones, the lotus eaters, the cyclops, the bag of winds, the laestrygonians, circe the witch goddess, song of the sirens, deadly sea monsters, and Helios and his Sacred Cattle. Finally he lost all of the men he had started with, in the same way soldiers constantly start with a large group and only a couple of them survive. Thus, causing the soldiers to create this defensive…

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