Essay on The Obesity Of Eating Disorders

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Over the past few decades, there has been a great increase in the prevalence of eating disorders and they have caused major psychological and health problems. This increase in eating disorders has resulted from the intense societal pressure to diet and conform to an unrealistic weight and body size. Females develop an eating disorder at an increasingly higher rate than males. Ten million women in the United States battle eating disorders. Eating disorders do not discriminate, they affect girls of all ages. They develop in girls at a young age and they continue to grow in prevalence throughout their lifetime. Societal pressures, the media, peers, physiological and biological changes all play a role in developing an eating disorder. Girls grow up wanting to be thin like the girls they see in magazines and on television. The desire to have a certain body image consumes them and this is where an eating disorder develops. Countless girls spend their adolescent years trying to acquire the look of thinness. The longing for thinness follows females into their adult lives. The diet industry preys on women’s low self esteem by pumping out products that secure a “quick fix” and will help women achieve their dream body. The obsession over appearance also has an impact on female athletes. The desire the athletes have to train their body to perfection for their sport is inevitably hurting them in the long run. The three primary types of eating disorders I will be highlighting are anorexia…

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