Personal Narrative: A Career In Engineering

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Based on my test results from the O * Net, I should join a career that involves a lot of hands on work dealing with creation, and should also involve helping others, with a job like teaching. It shows that I am not a very artistic person, and not a very environmental guy. They also read that I should be a leader in whatever profession I should choose to join, as that is one of my stronger traits. I would say that the test describes me as a person pretty decent because I really do like hands-on work more than anything else, and I do like helping other people. I think that it was wrong in couple areas, like when it says I should join a musical career because that’s not me at all, but overall, the O * Net test describes me as
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I can’t really specify which branch of engineering, but I can learn which type is best suited for me while I’m there. Though lately, I have been having changes of mind about my future engineering life. I have had thoughts about maybe going into the teaching career as the test had stated would be good for me. I kind of feel like teaching would be a lot more fun than engineering, but I have been gently pushed along the engineering career since my days of high school. The O * Test had showed that both of these job opportunities would suit me well, as they were my top 2 categories. Teaching engineering to college students would match 3 of my strong suits, as I’m doing hands on work, teaching, and helping other people. I still have quite a bit of time to decide, thank …show more content…
Holden overthinks things a lot during the story, and while my overthinking isn’t quite to the extreme of Holden’s, I would say that I too am an overthinker. I am a “worst case scenario” thinker, and Holden seems to be that as well. I look at situations and just wonder a lot, which gets on my nerves a lot. I think Holden and I are both brutally honest, which sometimes could be a good trait, and sometimes could be a bad trait. Holden is brutally honest to the wrong people, in my opinion, while I’m only brutally honest to the people I know can take the honesty. Holden and I both seem to be really lazy people. I mean, I only clean my room when my mom says I have to, and it seems like every weekend, I’m just laying around my house. I don’t deal with a lot of the physiological issues that Holden deals with, but I have found some other ways to connect with him.
The big difference between Holden and my life’s is definitely the mental depression that Holden has going on. His ongoing battle with his own head is shown throughout the story, and I really can’t relate to Holden in this way. He even contemplated taking his own life in the story more than once and that’s something I especially cannot relate to. I think we are different because Holden just wants to be young again and be worry free, but I want to grow up and take on the world. So in a couple

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