Essay on The Nuclear Of Nuclear Weapons

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Beginning with the “Manhattan Project” in 1942, scientists, militaries, and governments have put hundreds-of-billions of dollars and countless hour of research into the development and improvements of the nuclear bomb. The first successful detonation of a bomb occurred in 1945. A few months later, the United States dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan. These two nuclear devices are the only two ever used in the context of war to date. Since the 1945 bombs, many nations have developed weaponized nuclear technologies and many nations have called for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Only the North Koreans have detonated a nuclear weapon in the 21st century. All nuclear weapons cause an initial blast, thermal radiation, electromagnetic pulse, residual radiation, and fallout. These effects lead to fire, radiation burns, over pressure, internal rupturing of organs, and complete inhalation of everything within the immediate blast zone – just to name a few. Along with the physical damage, nuclear weapons will certainly destroy the moral and psyche of any person who survives the initial blast. Although many persons question the size and potential of North Korean nukes, it is clear that any nuclear attack will shatter the opponent both physically and emotionally. Despite the many doubts that surround North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, every year the trail of breadcrumbs that lead to a deadly North Korean nuclear attack become more apparent. Nearly ten years ago, North Korea claimed…

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