Nuclear Weapons In Vietnam War Essay

Vietnam, which had a similar storyline as Korea. To fend off communist expansion, the US fought in Vietnam while the Soviet Union provided arms for the North Vietnamese. Once again, in the big picture, the fight was not between North and South Vietnam but rather between the US and Soviet Union. Afghanistan was also a strategic location in which the two major powers fought for the influence. While the US did not see value in expanding their influence to Afghanistan, they saw value in thwarting Soviet attempts at spreading communism to that region. Similar to the way the Soviets provided arms to North Korea and North Vietnam, the US provided arms to the Mujahideen and other rebel groups in Afghanistan to sabotage the Soviets. Even without a direct struggle between these two powers, they were still able to deliver heavy blows to one another through these proxy wars.
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Struggling states feel as though they must attain nuclear weapons in order to gain power and notoriety. As shown with the US and China in the Korean War, states with nuclear arms will always have leverage in negotiations causing these non-nuclear states to feel harassed, leading them to seek to even the playing field. Most often these states neglect economics and the well-being of their people in order to gain nuclear weapons. Attaining nuclear weapons appear to be the shortcut to power, considering the fact that even if a state can still deliver a devastating blow to another even if they are outnumbered with nuclear weapons. The proliferation of nuclear weapons concerns the entire international community, considering the interconnectedness of today’s world. This has led to the Non-Nuclear Proliferation which has been adopted by 189 states, but more notably it has been rejected by Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea, all of whom have attained or attempted to attain nuclear

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