Essay about The Nuclear Of Nuclear Technology

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When people hear the word nuclear, most will think of complete destruction and radiation poisoning. These people are partially correct; the first public appearance of nuclear technology was the Atomic Bomb at the tail end of World War Two, ending the war with its annihilating capabilities (Nash). Since 1945, this technology has been harnessed by scientists and engineers globally, especially in America. Through advancing the medical field, upgrading industry in the country, and by ensuring national security, the Atomic Bomb has positively impacted America life today.
As opposed to its first application, nuclear technology has been applied to the improvement of health. Many studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of radiation on those exposed. In medical studies done on the Japanese Atomic Bomb survivors, doctors have concluded that, “One burst of low dose irradiation elicits a lifetime of improved health” (Luckey). They prove that not all nuclear irradiation is harmful; rather, when exposed to in low doses, irradiation can be healthy and prevent ailments and cancers. The doctors also concluded that exposure to low levels of irradiation can help a person’s body build up a tolerance for higher doses of irradiation; this discovery can be life-saving if a nuclear accident occurs and radiation is released, such as during the Fukushima nuclear power plant partial meltdown (Luckey). Nuclear radiation is also utilized by medical imaging machines. This technology consists…

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