The Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

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The novel 1984 by George Orwell was about people that were bossed around by a corrupt government, which the leader of the government was called Big Brother. People were always getting watched and didn’t have any privacy; if you were to break a rule or go against the government of Oceania you would have the chance of getting terminated and no one would ever question it as if you never excited. This shows how Parson, Winston’s neighbor who was actually smart and Winston thought wrong about Parson as he usually did with anyone he got to know. He knew what he was doing and when he was doing it. He also had two kids who loved the party to help him to cover up how intelligent he really was. Parson was smart like Syme, but he knew how to play it off so he would not have got caught so easily. This is why Parson is guilty for the crime he committed and is just paying his role so he can be let out.
Parson could have been let go with no problem because of his children, who were loyal to the party and could use that against him for his own good. In the book 1984, when Winston goes over to fix the Parson’s sink and ends up getting frighten by the Parson’s kids who shout and scream traitor, thought criminal and while running in circles around Winston. Winston also noticed that the kids were upset just because they would not be able to see the two minutes hate (22). Parson’s kids show how loyal someone can be to the party, just as the kids who are shouting out things to Winston and not…

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