Foolish Winston Character Analysis

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Foolish Winston

Winston’s psychological demise is caused from the people that surround Winston, leading him to believe that he is in control of his life but the truth is that the party is always in control.

Winston’s love for Julia caused Winston’s psychological demise as Julia made Winston do things that he normally won’t do, Julia brings Winston from rebelling in a small way of writing in his diary to more extreme ways of rebelling, Winston sees the signs that something bad about to happen but ignores it, Winston also looks past simple detail as he is anxious about his love.

Winston’s intellectual crush on O’Brien and how he perceives O’Brien as role model and looks up to O’Brien in every way. Winston think that O’Brien is part of the brotherhood and does not even think for a second that O’Brien would be part of the Thought Police and trusts O’Brien about Julia and him are enemies of the party.

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Julia makes Winston do things that he normally would not do, because of his love he ignores the signs that's something bad is about to happen and Winston also misses easy details that he normally would not miss. Winston’s view of O’Brien as a father to Winston. Winston would like to be just like O’Brien and sees him as a huge role model, along with Winston trust in O’Brien even though he has no evidence that he is trustworthy. The party has always kept an eye on Winston and never let Winston get any hint that they were, the party taking away Winston’s family made him insecure and have the need for love and affection. The threat of being vaporized and erased. When Winston is captured it does not take much more or very long for him to crack and give into the rules of the party has his mind has been through a lot of suffering and

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