The Notorious Salem Witch Trials Essay

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The notorious Salem Witch Trials began in 1692, in Salem Village, Massachusetts. Salem was founded in the winter of 1623, by a fishing settlement that was located on Cape Anne by England’s Dorchester Company. After several year of harsh weather, a group lead by Roger Conant, started to search for a more permanent settlement location. Roger Conant was born in East Budleigh, Devon, England in 1592. Conant sailed from the Plymouth colony from London in 1623 on a ship named “Anne”. Before Conant sailed to America he worked as a Salter, and became associated with people who disapproved with the Puritan authorities in Plymouth, and lead the settlement to Salem. Conant and the other founders of Salem came up with the name of Salem from the Hebrew word for peace, Shalom. During the 17th-century in Salem the people had a strong belief in the supernatural and especially the devil. The people often thought that the devil would give humans the power to harm others, and all they had to do in return is promise him their loyalty. To make things worse just before the witch trials began, Salem and the surrounding towns encountered a small-pox epidemic that created fear and suspicion among the people, and caused them to be cautious over everything they done. Throughout Salem over 500 people lost their life due to small-pox. Then on top of it all, the Salem Witch Trials start soon after. The Salem Witch Trails started in January, 1692, when a group of young girls were caught playing a game…

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