The Note On The Key Of Happiness Essay

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The Key to Happiness My life is probably a very normal and “happy” life in the eyes of most people. I live in a nice house with and awesome family. I have a lot of things and money I can use to spend and save. I have a job and friends that I love. I have four cats as well. What else do I need to be successfully happy? When am I really happy? Well, maybe if I had a nicer vehicle I might be even happier or maybe a couple million dollars in my bank account. Is that really gonna make me happy? To answer this we need to answer that with question; “What is happiness?”
To answer this question is like answering a rhetorical question. It is not necessarily supposed to be answered but we humans are determined to know everything. So for many years now people, since the beginning of time, we have searched and pondered for a very long time. Just to find that the answer is never going to be found. Every one of us come from different places, different times and different backgrounds. This is what makes each of us different from one and another. So each of us have different ideas on what the answer could be to the question, “What is happiness?” Some believe that happiness is found in the amount of wealth you have, others the riches in your friends and family that surround you. Two famous men come to mind when it comes to the deviation between views on what genuine happiness.
These two men are Benjamin Franklin and Henry Thoreau. Two men who come from different times and backgrounds join…

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