The Norton Mix : A New Understanding Of Conflict Essay

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The Norton Mix: A New Understanding of Conflict The Norton Mix, contain many articles that are informative, descriptive, and easy to understand. The Norton Mix is able to efficiently communicate its message to the reader in order for them to effortlessly write a paper. One main issue that was outstanding throughout this book was conflicts and wars, facilitating the task of writing an analysis which can bind many of these articles together. The Norton Mix is recommended to a new college student who is not open to new ideas because of its readability attributes. For example, each article provides great details and solid supporting evidence which a new college student will be able to seamlessly understand, without reading the article over.
The dictionary’s defines the word conflict as a serious disagreement, argument, incompatibility or a clash. Taking this into perspective many articles in The Norton Mix outline issues in past history and current events. Even though, the dictionary has a definition for conflict, this term is wrapped in ambiguity. With this in mind, The Norton Mix covers a huge spectrum of conflicts that include religious war, civil rights, and even an intense battle for survival. For example, many conflict may be as small as sibling having a fallout concerning a favorite actor. On the other hand, it can explode to be a country having complications over money, resources, or religious differences. Unfortunately, such conflict may lead to war which…

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