The Northern Plains The Previous Day Essay

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Percival had departed for the Northern Plains the previous day. Meanwhile, Christiane busied herself in Gaius 's sizable quarters at his workbench, arranging and cataloging tinctures. The physician was brilliant, but he often let organization fall by the wayside, since his skilled services were always in demand and left him with little down time. As it was, he was in the Lower Town, coping with the spread of some digestive illness.

Disrupted from her work by a knock on the door, Christiane went to answer it. She found Sir Ulrich standing in the doorway, shifting from foot-to-foot, looking uncomfortable, scratching his red, blotchy, and blistered neck and face furiously. Though he had an obvious and ugly case of wild parsnip rash, it didn 't hide his good looks. Christiane finally noticed he was solidly built, with black, wavy hair, dark stubble on his jaw, and vividly blue eyes.

"Sorry to bother you," said Sir Ulrich. "Sir Leon mentioned I could find Gaius here and he might help me with this." He gestured toward his rash-covered body. "I know you train with him, but I didn 't expect to see you here. This is embarrassing. I feel like I 'm on fire today! Itchy fire!"

Christiane giggled. "Nonsense; it 's no bother. It 's good to see you again." She took stock of his appearance once more, this time, focusing on the irritations. "Let me guess - a day or two ago, you did tracking exercises in the Forest of Ascetir."

"Exactly!" Ulrich exclaimed with a broad smile. "Though it…

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