The Non Traditional American Family Essay

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The Non Traditional American Family
When I think of family roles, I think of parental gender roles. Traditionally, it has been that of the father supporting the family, and the mother taking care of the children. With growing societal evolvement, that has changed steadily. In many instances the mother is the main financial support for the family, and the father is given the task of caretaking the children. Sometimes both parents contribute, placing the children under the care of a nanny or babysitter. I support equality when it comes to the chance to support ones family. I believe both mother and father should feel equally of the right to work and provide for their family or take care of their children. Working to provide financial stability for their family is not an exclusive right to one parent based on gender.
Society defines family roles much more liberally than they did a few decades ago. Woman are encouraged to work and provide for their families just as much as men are. Besides gender roles, racial mixing is also commonplace in today’s families. Many of my friends are half of two entirely different racial ethnicities. Many same sex couples adopt kids and are gradually being accepted into today’s society, another sign of our growing cultural progression. This type of evolvement encourages tolerance, understanding, and a greater potential for empathy. Blended families are also common, where both parents have been previously divorced and have kids from the previous…

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