Essay on The Night Of The Cabin

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While they were eating supper, Eli asked how things were at the cabin. Charity told him that when they arrived, her grandfather’s friend, Tokola, was there awaiting her grandfather‘s return, and that it broke her heart to have to tell him that her grandfather had died.
“How is Tokola?” he asked, saying “I haven’t seen him since… the year before last, I think it was. Over the years, he’s traveled through here many times with your grandfather, headed down to Fort Charlotte. ”
“He took it kind a hard, Mister Eli, but he seemed to be doing better by the time we left this morning.”
“That’s understandable,” said Eli. “He and your grandpa have been friends for fifty years or more- I reckon his being Shadowy Moon 's brother, he and Robert was probably more like brothers than friends- of course, Tokola was just a boy when they married.”
“What!” exclaimed Charity? Her mind immediately remembered a story her grandmother told her about, ‘blood brothers‘… “I did not know he was her brother? Why didn’t they tell me that he was family,” she asked.
“Most likely, they figured you already knew,” said Eli.
Charity felt sad. If she had known that Tokola was family, she would have hugged him even harder before she left him. He was her granduncle, a living, breathing relative! She went to sleep that night, trying to think back through the years to all the times Tokola had been in their cabin. It seemed that as she was growing up, he was always around.
In fitful sleep, she dreamt dreams of…

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