Essay about The Night Of September 9th

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The house was silent the night of August 9th, 2015. It was so still you could hear the muffled “tick tock” of the living room clock. While the rest of my family was asleep, I lay awake, unable to quiet my racing mind. Tomorrow we would travel to the incredibly vivacious, California. Our choice of transportation wasn’t by plane, but instead, by car. That choice meant we would all be trapped in a car together for days.
The day started out decently, having had us all up and ready to depart by seven a.m, even though I was thoroughly exhausted from the almost sleepless night before. The drive would be a long one and we weren’t too sure how far we’d traverse so we decided to start driving and stop for food eventually. The back seat was cramped with both my sister’s possessions and mine. Leaving little room to move and stretch. As you can probably imagine that created a tense atmosphere especially, for the amount of restlessness we both inherited. Much to my relief we finally stopped a little ways past the border in Missouri to obtain some food at a little homely dinner. Looking around me almost all I could devise were places selling fireworks. Big red and blue signs claiming to have the biggest and the best fireworks for a low low cost. After my delicious breakfast of fluffy, blueberry flapjacks, we proceeded to leave again and didn’t stop until we were in Kansas.
Now the majority of this succeeding half of the trip was rather tedious. All we did was drive non stop until it was…

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