The Night By Elie Wiesel Essay

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Tough Decisions

Approximately 11 million people died during the Holocaust, 1.1 million of those being children, and 90 percent being Jewish. However, Jewish boy, Elie Wiesel was not one of those children. He feels as though he was the only one in his family to be kept alive to write this book. Elie Wiesel 's’ book, Night, was published in 1956 after about 10 years of silence. It was first published in French and later on in English. 15 year old Elie and his family were stuffed onto a train with many others from their area. They were on the train for many days not knowing where they were going to end up. They arrived at Auschwitz and he and his father were then separated from his mother and sister not knowing that is the last time he will ever see them again. The men are told they are going to be split into two groups, one group will be kept alive and the other will be killed. Elie and his father are sent in the same group but nobody knows if they are in the group that will be kept alive. Luckily they are, and the men are put to work. Two men to a bunk, hardly any straw to sleep on, and not enough food but the men still follow orders. During the time Elie is in the concentration camp others push him to only care for himself, but Elie shows that he not only wants to survive, he wants to help others survive too.
First, prisoners were transported to and from concentration camps on trains. They were stuffed into the trains like sardines with little to no food or water. There…

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