Notw Breaching Case Study

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This report presents a discussion and the study on ‘The News of the World’ (NOTW) phone hacking scandal’. The company is involved in scandal and internal and external people are involved in this scandal. The company used to hack voice mails of celebrities, politician, solicitors, high profile people, sport people, relatives of dead UK soldiers and general people. This report will let us know how the company collapsed by taking illegal steps to gain information from the celebrity and other people.

This report brings an attention to the ethical rules and values which was breached by the employees of the NOTW. The NOTW phone hacking scandal got soared in 2005, when NOTW published news about the royal family. British Tabloid NOTW published report about Prince William injuring his knee. This was private and confidential information
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The way of obtaining information by breaching the privacy act of an individual is completely illegal. The punishment such as fines and imprisonment are found in the law for violating the privacy of an individual. Though these employees were aware of those laws and regulations, they did violate the rules by hacking the voice mails of an individual. Employees need to follow the policies and procedure of the organization, comply with the rules and regulations, need to be professional and carry their duty. The employees of NOTW were working against the rules and regulations of the company and violating them. If these employees who have been working in an illegal way, were to be noticed and if an appropriate action would have been taken place, then maybe today NOTW did not have to see this day. Those employees who have been working unethical should have been provided with consultation and provide training and guidance on the ethical issues, they are creating during that period of time. Then maybe, this situation could have been

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