The New Zealand : A Negative Perspective Essay

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The New Zealand man is represented in the media in many ways but yet in most cases, these representations are from a negative perspective. This representation of New Zealand men in the media has also experienced little change throughout history, despite significant changes to the society in which we live in. The average 'Kiwi Bloke ' is shown in the media as a sheep shearin ', beer drinkin ' and hardworking kinda ' guy who is emotionally vacant, uncultured and unintelligent. This depiction of man is shown in many forms of media throughout New Zealand. In particular, I will focus on the repuation of New Zealand men shown through alcohol advertising and how this impacts the representation of men in the media. I, as a New Zealand men believe that these stereotypes are an unfair and incorrect view of men and believe that the way men are represented in the media should be reconsidered.

One of the most common representations of New Zealand men in the media is from a selfish and sexually perverted nature. This is shown across many media platforms, including social media, New Zealand created television dramas and advertising. A common example of this is in Tui advertising billboards which appear on roadsides across the country. These billboards typically feature a topical statement relating current events or other aspects of pop culture, followed by their iconic statement "Yeah Right" implying that the statement is not true. An issue with these Tui billboards is that the…

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