Essay about The New World

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It is no surprise that the discoverers of the New World are portrayed, through media outlets and taught during early education, to be frontiers who found America spoiled with treasures and met the indigenous people with curiosity and tolerance; for if history was broadcasted as it actually occurred, the horrors would be enough to send chills down the spines of even those with the thickest skin. Ramon Gutierrez, in his book When Jesus Came, the Corn Mother Went Away, maintains that the Spaniards came to America with one purpose in mind: to seize, dominate, and conquer by any means necessary; and the tactics, were that of subjugating, raping, and enslaving Native American women and men. In order for these atrocities to occur for as long as they did (roughly two hundred years), there had to be corresponding societal values and a general consensus among the oppressors that there was justification in their actions; these values were honor and shame--the former being associated with men and the latter coinciding with women. The extent to which a man was deemed honorable and a woman regarded as having shame was directly proportional--yet in some ways contradictory--to the concepts of “manhood” and womanhood” in the early colonial days of New Mexico. When the Spaniards sailed across the Atlantic in search of new land, they brought with them the ethical mindset that, “honor based on their power and might, on their lands and wealth, on their ancestry and gentle…

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