The New World Of The Western Hemisphere Essay examples

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The New World is one of the names used for the Western Hemisphere, mainly focusing on the Americas. The term was introduced in the early 16th century after Europeans, led by Christopher Columbus, landed in what would later be called the Americas during the age of discovery. This discovery was so important due to the fact that it expanded the geographical horizon of classical geographers, who had thought the world only consisted of Africa, Europe, and Asia, better known as the Old World. It was known that Latin America’s native peoples and Africans occupied different locations in the Spanish and Portuguese colonial order, both in law and society as well as in the perceptions and attitudes of the colonizers. During the time of the Spanish and Portuguese invasion of the Americas, Africans had already been known as there separate racial category, compared to the Native Americans who to the Europeans did not fit into a specific race. The Europeans questioned the Tainos and Arawak people’s humanity as well as how they should be treated or used, which leads to the deep historical roots of this racial-colonial divide. Why African slavery emerged as the primary form of oppressed labor in the Americas during the 16th and 17th centuries has been a question that people have wondered about for years. Not only have scholars and researchers speculated this in the past, but they will continue to learn more about it in the future. To this day, one would ask itself if the growth of…

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