The New Medical Procedures Is Organ Transplants Essay

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Having a loved one pass away can be a traumatic experience, but it is also an opportunity to help someone struggling to hold on to their life. Not only can they continue to live on through someone else, but they could save many lives. Not only could they save many lives, but they could improve up to 50 people’s lives (Consumer Health).
One of the newest medical procedures is organ transplants. Rather than making patients wait three years for a transplant, hospitals can utilize this technique. It could greatly diminish the time frame in which patients have a small chance of procuring an organ they need (Shafer et al.). However; there are also major concerns involving organ donations and transplants, such as the risk of infections worming their way into surgical areas (Ljungman, Griffiths and Paya).
A live donation occurs when a donor removes one of his or her organs, to give to a patient in organ failure one of his or her organs. These procedures allow the living to help the living, so the living can have a chance to determine whether or not organ donation is something they want to be involve their bodies in once they pass. A partial liver transplant is a live donation in which surgeons extract a small portion of the liver, which then goes through the transplant procedure rather than taking out the whole liver. Retina surgery, a procedure which improves the well-being of the transplant receiver. The purpose of this procedure is to remove the retina of the donor’s eye and…

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