Essay on The New London Niggah By Barkley Hendricks

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Barkley Hendricks, 1972 painting the “The New London Niggah”, depicts an unnamed African American man looking off in the distance engulfed by a turquoise blue background. Notice his skin color is a rich copper color with distinct light and dark spots throughout. The man has dark, obsidian colored hair that is evenly trimmed. Notice how the artist uses oil on linen canvas technique to give the piece a soft glow and accentuates the man and his physique. Hendrick’s utilizes the appears to be an older gentleman and his beard scraggles in a wild frenzy. He sports a weathered white t-shirt that is tinted a slight yellow. The slightly dirty shirt could illude that the man could be of low income working a blue collar job. On the right breast of his shirt is the fading college “Yale” etched in it notice that the Yale is almost invisible within the thinning remnants of the shirt. The fading Yale is a representation of how the man feels trap and feels like he is fading from his own identity. The man also sports dark baggy, low-rider jeans. Look at how his shoulder sit back and his hands are in his pockets and his thumb stick out slightly. The portraiture of the man makes him the central focus of the piece. The subject of the portrait 's expression directs attention to the background and makes readers inquisitive as to what the man is staring at. The man in this picture has dark and light patches on his skin tone. This discrepancy highlights the race of the man and its…

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