The New Education System Of Turkey Essay

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2.2 The New Education System in Turkey
2.2.1 Closer Look: 4+4+4
In 2012, the Grand National Assembly passed a new legislation, which raised compulsory education to twelve years (four years primary education, four years secondary education and four years higher education). The new system brings more opportunities to children in determining what they will study at the university. The biggest difference between the old and new system is that the former consisted of the 5+3+4 classification with eight years of compulsory education (five years primary education and three years secondary education) where the students choose their fields later than in the new one.
The new system brings a lot of concerns regarding the timing of decisions of their academic track. Arguably, they are too young to make well-informed decisions. Also, some people think that the new system pushes the children into vocational high schools, being consequently less educated. Another criticism is that new system brings advantages to religious high school students because they were not free to apply to any department at the universities. However, there are some substantive changes that new system brings. The most important one is that the duration of the compulsory education increased from eight years to twelve years. Moreover, with the new system children can start to primary school at the age of 5, which can be good starting for socializing.
2.2.2 Primary Education vs. Primary School
It is true to say that…

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