Essay on The New Deal : The Great Depression

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The 1930’s was one of the worst times in history, but also was one of the most important part of history. It led to those who were unemployed and to those who were able to get jobs. It changed many Americans today. The amount of employed workers increased due to these programs in the New Deal. These New Deal programs helped change lives of many, people were able to make a difference on how they were living during the Great Depression and now. Many of these New Deal programs begun when Franklin Roosevelt was elected as president, he decided that he wanted to make a change for his people. Many of these programs are still very helpful today, even if they are still existing or not. The New Deal was a dramatic change after the Great Depression, the unemployment rate would have possibly been lower if the New Deal has never happened. Till this day these programs are becoming more beneficial no matter how long they have been around. More and more programs have been established as years went by.
The Great Depression is one of the biggest and most crucial economic depression during the late 1920’s and 1930’s. During the Great Depression many things went downhill. It all started when the stock market crashed. The stock market occurred on October 29,1929. It made people buy things they could not afford no matter what the price range was. They bought homes with money they did not have, which made them take out 100% or 110% loan. ( From there on…

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