Essay The New Deal Of The Great Depression

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In 1933 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office, he passed a series of documents called the New Deal. These documents were created in hope to push recovery in America and pull it out of the Great Depression. This New Deal supplied workers with jobs by creating government funded works projects to help better develop the country. Many of these jobs were specifically directed to artists. Before this time never before in history have artists been considered "workers". But because of the New Deal, many new programs were created in hope to promote and fund the arts, by doing so it helped to improve the society as a whole. This new sudden burst in art shifted the attitude in America as art was used as a tool by the government. It was used to improve and promote government funded programs that were set out to help average Americans who were going through tough times. If the government has the ability to use art as a tool like it did in the New Deal not only will the government have a resourceful way to promote important information, but there are also many benefits to the society as well. Now more than ever, it is inevitably important for the government to fulfill a promise that like the New Deal, as it supports the arts to better enhance our society by improving academic performance, strengthening our economy and improving everyday living environments.
The New Deal in which was set out to create jobs for workers during the Great Depression, provided programs that…

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