The Neo Ffi Test Before Essay

1194 Words Feb 7th, 2016 null Page
In last quarter, I took a personality course and I had been take the NEO FFI test before, because it was the one of the assignment to complete in that class. However, I took this test again to explore my results right now and I am satisfied with results. Also, I got average scores for all categories because I believed that I become more mature status of mentality and physically right now. Furthermore, I learned how to be better person because I started to think as positive for the cause and effect. This is also because I can started to be positive within all events that caused in my life, and I could not thinking in negatively such as suicidal, depression and lack of competence as well. In the Neuroticism, I got a 27 which is an average score which is emphasized generally calm and able to deal with stress but sometimes, I feel guilt, anger, or sadness. I agreed with this result with in neuroticism because I had to face the commuting from Arcadia to Irvine in the last quarter which is extremely stressful event to going to class everyday. However, I thought to be calm myself and think positive which is that I could earn more experiences in the freeway to avoid accidents. Also, I balanced myself with my workload for school assignments because I always finish as small portion first in order to complete my assignment as bigger picture, so that I do not need to procroscinate the night before a due date. Therefore, I think that I need to keep work hard myself to complete…

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