The Negro Mother By Langston Hughes Essay

1953 Words Apr 5th, 2015 8 Pages
An inspiring and motivating piece is the first thing I thought when reading Langston Hughes’ poem, “The Negro Mother.” Langston Hughes wrote this poem to remind the African American people of the struggle and abuse that their ancestors had to go through in order to pave the way for their freedom today. The powerful tone that is used in this poem is the voice of the Negro Mother as she encourages her children. Her voice captivates the reader and draws them in, to actually listen and heed her words. I would like to look at some of the key symbolism that stood out to me, and also see what was going on during the time that this was written that could have inspired Langston Hughes to write this poem, and also how this poem can relate and help motivate African Americans today. In just the first couple of lines, symbolic meaning stood out to me. In the first two lines of the poem she (The Negro Mother) says, “Children, I come back today, to tell you a story of the long dark way…” (Hughes)which symbolizes that the mother is a spirit who returns from the past to motivate her “children” (1) of a more modern time, to keep fighting for their freedom and always be grateful for where they came from and for the people who helped shaped their freedom. In line ten of the poem the mother says, “…Carrying in my body the seed of the freed…” (10) This can mean that the mother came here to America and birth African American children to be able to be free because of the way that she help paved…

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