The Negatives Of Gmos And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1606 Words Apr 28th, 2015 7 Pages
Garrett Zaborowski
English 015
April 20th, 2015
The Negatives of GMOs Our world’s society is technologically advancing constantly. The food industry is having technological advances by using genetically modified foods also known as GMOs, which defined by The World Health Organization (WHO) as organisms whose DNA has been altered in a non-natural way. GM plants are usually modified to be insect resistant, virus resistance, or herbicide tolerant. There are many pros and cons about GMOs. The start of GMOs can positively or negatively affect America depending on which aspects you want to focus on, but when you look at the overall picture GMOs are negatively affecting the United States. Some of the many cons of GMO foods are environmental damage, there is no economic value, and they have the possibility of causing health issues. When looking at how GMOs can affect the environment you must take the effects of toxicity, the cumulative and long term effects it can have on the environment, and how it effects biodiversity. First of all, toxicity is a major issue with GMOs because of the chemical pesticides and herbicides that are commonly used with GM plants. Hurst states that “biotech crop actually cut the use of chemicals” (3). Although it may have cut the use of chemicals these GM crops may be toxic to non-target organisms due to the modifications made. Bees and Butterflies are the most commonly talked about examples currently. Bees play a major part in the pollination of many…

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