The Negative Side Of Social Networking Sites Essay

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Social networking sites are a topic that divides view of people to two views, some people think they are an amazing tool but others are worried about the impacts and effects are have on people 's lives. The negative side of these social networking sites overweigh the positive ones. The social networking sites are tools works around the self-focus, and uses of these tools may lead to increases the self-esteem but also increases the narcissism. That increase happened by facilitates with self-regulation strategies. For example Facebook pages of narcissism are more self-promoting, particularly in the photos, wall posts, and updates the status (Buffardi and Campbell, 2008; Mehdizadeh, 2010, cited in Gentile et, al., 2012). Thus, the Internet in general and social networking sites in particular, may provide narcissists with strong avenue through which to generate attention from world, show their identity, and promote their self-concept also the narcissism. In addition, social networking sites provide easy avenue for narcissists to obtaining followers and following. Narcissists believe that it is most important for them is to know many people as possible during the internet and have more ‘‘friends’’ on social networking sites than non- narcissists (Bergman et, al., 2011; Buffardi and Campbell, 2008, cited in Gentile et, al., 2012). After studied of real life social networking sites Clifton et, al. (2009, cited in Gentile et, al., 2012) founds that the narcissistic…

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