The Negative Impacts Of Human Nature Essay

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The Negative Impacts of Human Nature in Frankenstein Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a classic dark novel about the scientist Victor Frankenstein who defies the laws of nature, creating a horrifying aberration. This monster later went on to committing horrific deeds and became a destructive force that destroyed the life of his creator. However It was not innately destructive, but is rather an example of the destruction and pain caused by the tendencies of human nature portrayed in Frankenstein. Curiosity, the impetus of Frankenstein’s works, secrecy, the driving force in Victor’s horrible decisions, selfishness, the fear of taking responsibility for his actions, and lastly loneliness, a painful parallel shared by both monster and creator, are the primary reasons for the agony displayed in Frankenstein. Curiosity was the primary reason for Victor’s works, the wonderment of creating life and what this entailed were beyond interesting to him. And although harmless at first, this curiosity soon transformed into an obsession, and a never ending battle to unlock the secrets of life itself. His initial interest was sparked earlier on in his life, with the passing of his mother. After she had fallen ill to scarlet fever, he became unstoppably driven to uncover life’s biggest secrets. Soon after her passing, Victor went to study at the University of Ingolstadt, studying chemistry and other sciences, and learning what he needs in order to later carry out the creation of his monster.…

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