The Negative Effects Of Suicide In Society

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One of the most personal choices one make along with bringing a life to this world is when one decides to take their own life that leaves a negative impact on the society. The podcast highlights the Hungarian society high rate of suicide, which is seen as act of bravery for freeing themselves and others of their misery. Suicide is probably the least understood yet many want answers for this crime by psychologists and sociologists alike. The answer is still remain mysterious except from the part of what race commit the most suicide, such as the act of suicide is higher in the White American than African American due to the influence of social class. Emile Durkheim was influential in bring a new understanding of suicide and the effects on …show more content…
What will I do? Should I or should I not and the answer became clear, these people are seeking help regardless of their gender, race, class, ethnicity, or even religion. Even though, they might not be hurting anyone physically but the emotional impact it has on the immediate family and friends is extremely hard to deal with. This leads to egoistic suicide theory by Durkheim, that modern societies many times leave a person feeling cut off from the rest of the world that can contribute to meaningless and unfulfilled feelings. While in traditional societies communities are much more connected and hold stronger bonds. Durkheim demonstrate in one of many examples that single has a higher rate as opposed to married or people with children than the one without it, and also Protestant than Catholics. The connection between all of them is their interaction and connection with others in the community, single people maybe busier in climbing the corporate ladder that leaves them feeling lonely as opposed to married couple who may be busy climbing the corporate ladder, but they have a strong bond that keeps them from falling into depression and Protestant emphasized on individualism compare to Catholics who believe in collective

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