The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant Essay

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Guy De Maupassant story “The Necklace” depicts a character name Mathilde Loisel, a housewife who does not accept her social rank, and she lives in constant regret to have been married to a middle-class clerk of the Ministry of Education. She is uncomfortable and unhappy in her marriage. In contrast, She wanted to marry to a rich and distinguished man. A careful examination of Mathilde reveals a woman who is dreamer, unsatisfied, and Greedy.
Mme. Loisel, the main character of “The Necklace,” is a continuous dreamer. She spends all day long just dreaming about vestibule, tapestries, lamps of bronze, and footmen. Also, even being with her husband for diner, she is dreaming about delicate repast, with glittering silver, exquisite dishes, and marvelous patters. In general, her dream is a mean to escape her real life and to immerse into the life of a rich woman. In addition, at the end of the story, she is poorer than the beginning all because she goes after this grand elegance that she cannot afford. Instead of thinking about her present situation, she keeps thinking about the glory of that night, at the ball, where she has been so beautiful and admired. In the story, the author talks about “ Her distracted dreams”(152) to point toward that character.
Mme. Loisel is an unsatisfied woman. De Maupassant presents this characteristic when Mathilde asks to her husband “What do you want me to put on my back to go there?”(153) Later, she emphasizes on the fact that she has no dress for…

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