Essay about The Necklace And Blue Winds Dancing

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Dreams vs. Reality
When reading a story, we often do not think to locate and analyze the different literary elements that are placed in a short story or poem. In order to find those literary elements, you must reread the poem or short story in order to understand and pull all of the elements the reader can. While reading The Necklace and Blue Winds Dancing, I saw two elements that really caught my attention and intrigued me to think about in more depth. The two elements we will be looking out throughout these two short stories are the character and the setting. The setting sets the stage for the way society plays a big role in the main characters’ thoughts, behavior, and interaction with others. We will be looking at how the thoughts, behaviors, interactions in these two stories affect the characters. We will then see how the two elements coincide together between the two stories. The Necklace shows us a great picture of how the setting sets a stage for society to shape the way Madame Mathilde thinks, behaves, and ultimately interacts with those that she comes into contact with. When we look at the setting and how the author describes Madame Mathilde situation, we can see that the way she thinks about her life and where she lives is very discontent and unsatisfied. Madame Mathilde only wants to be famous and for others to be envious of her. Even though she was a very pretty woman, she was not content with what she had. As we see in the end of this powerful story, for one…

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