The Nature Of State By John Locke Essay

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The nature of state is a theory that was developed to understand the workings of human nature without a state. John Locke (1632-1704) and Thomas Hobbes (1588- 1679) are both philosophers who examined the idea of the creation and reason of society and government. Both of them studied the nature of man and came up with conclusions as to how violence must be stopped by the government in power. Both had varying opinions and approaches to this idea yet they aimed for the same goal. In this paper, I will explore the similarities and differences between the two philosophers. Hobbes’ Leviathan was written first as Locke came 50 years after him. Locke is shown to borrow the concepts from him and take a different approach towards things in Second Treatise of Government. Hobbes believed that people are selfish. This characteristic in people can cause massive outbreak in terms of killing one another. Since people would want to achieve their needs they would have this urge of being physically violent. With this power of wanting to kill comes the element of being powerless in one’s sleep. This would create a balance in the life style because with the power of having to kill comes the feeling of being vulnerable when man is sleeping. Hence, man should be rational which would allow for the society to live. But Hobbes believes that they should be some control over the massive killings since man is careless and selfish. Since people are destructive…

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