Essay about The Nature Of Knowledge And The Existence Of God

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Philosophy is the study of questions. It asks us to question everything around us no matter what we may see as average or uninteresting. Philosophy takes those average things and makes them the subjects of great questions. What is existence? What is the self? What is morality? These questions are only a fraction of what is studied in philosophy. Two units we have explored in class thus far have focused on the nature of knowledge and the existence of god. In unit two we discussed the nature of knowing and knowledge. Questions we pondered included, what can we know? How do we know? and what is knowledge? In class we discussed a number of different theories regarding ideas of knowing and knowledge. We compared idealism and materialism. Idealism identifies the true nature of something as the idea of it, while materialism describes the nature of something as what is it physically made up off. Later we examined such ideas as rationalism, existentialism, and empiricism. Rationalism bases its dead on the physical world. Knowledge is based on reason and logic. Existentialism is the theory reality is relative, that in an irrational universe you must find your own ideas of what is real. Knowledge in existentialism is therefore based on what we decide is real knowledge. Empiricism bases its ideas on reality and knowledge on sense-experience. Empiricism suggest that evidence from ones own experiences is needed to gain knowledge. In this unit we also discussed many different…

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