Essay on The Nature Of Freedom And Free Will

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The nature of freedom and free will is a concept that is apparent in the film Minority Report. The film battles with both the idea of determinism and free will. It shows everything is caused and there is no changing it as seen in Taylor’s Determinism but also shows the struggle that at any moment man has a choice to be whatever it is he/she wants to be as seen in Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism.
The movie Minority Report is set in a world where the main character John Anderton is the leader of pre crime agency that arrested people before they commit a murder using the physic ability of three individuals. These three individuals are genetically mutated and they see the future and this future is recorded through a software that shows the precrime unit a murder that has not happened yet. Then a timer is set until the murder is suppose to occur and the officers of the pre crime agency arrest the individual before they commit the murder. However the movie takes an interesting turn when the John Anderton name comes up for the next murder. This very deterministic view of a mans actions is then put on the test after Anderton is the next suspect on the list.
To begin with, the world that this movie is set is exactly the same as Taylor describes the world. “If I consider the world or any part of it at any particular moment, it seems certain that it is perfectly determinate in every detail.” (Taylor, 1). The world that the movie is set in the psychic determine every murder…

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