The Natural Resources Of Canada Essay examples

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Canada is a country that has been constructed by its natural resources; and it is Canada’s natural resources that continue to have a great deal of influence on the economy, political system, and social interests. Resource management in Canada has long been viewed as merely a technical exercise performed by the state, when in fact resource management had been central to the creation and maintenance of the state since the beginning. Resources are aspects of the natural environment that we as human’s value and from which produce goods and services. It is what human’s value and their abilities that determine the environment society will use and benefited from. Resources and the environment are critically connected and both continually changing due to human decisions and natural processes. Many of Canada’s provinces sustain oneself from the value of natural resources; such as the Atlantic provinces and its fishing industry, Prairie provinces being rich in energy resources and farming, the West Coast having forestry, mining, and fishing resources, and lastly the Northern Territories with many mining and energy resources. Environmental challenges in Canada and on a global scale are increasingly complex and difficult to solve implicating many economic and social interests, making resource management central to the maintenance of the state. To provide a greater understand of the critical importance of resource management on the establishment and maintenance of the state it bring us…

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