The Natural Resource Management Scenario Essay

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Results: The interview was conducted to gain deeper insights into the natural resource management, gender, ecosystem services and livelihood aspects of Indian society. Following a set of general questions about the participant’s expertise and experience in India the interviewee was asked about the natural resource management scenario in India and how he views it in light of gender, ecosystem services valuation and livelihood. The analysis of interview identified two central themes as empirical evidence of this study. The themes are (1) Role of communities in natural resource (2) Decision making in natural resource management. The two themes formed a strong narrative for this study and carefully linked the subcategories identified in the discussion.
1. Role of communities in natural resource management
The theme identified highlighted the relevance and role of communities in natural resource management. It argued that contrary to the presumed significance of command and control, natural resources managed by community displayed longevity and vigor. The command and control adopted by public agencies are usually prescriptive and are often found to be unsustainable and in effective for natural resource management.
So if, just to give you a perception if public agency was able to perform only 3 out 10. When it is decentralized it goes to 5 out of 10. Still better than that.
However, community being a “microcosm” (quoted from the interview) of the same conventional institutional…

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