The Natural Resource Issue Of Cuba Essay

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Environmental/natural resource issue:
If Cuba is known for anything, it would have to be there popularized coral reefs and their tourist attractions. The country is filled with thousands of miles of coral reef ecosystems which are pristine and healthy. But experts fear that Cuba may face degradation and coral reefs eventually will disappear if precautions are not taken. And also believe with the expansion of tourism, mechanized agriculture and oil exploration, it could possibly threaten its well-preserved natural ecosystems. The stakes of environment protection are high, even with Cuba being extremely rich in biodiversity. These environmental issues are not new, this has an impact on the lives of people, like access to drinking water, waste treatment, noise, air pollution in urban areas and others. This demonstrates the importance of the geographic topic because it develops knowledge of the environment it focuses on the understanding and resolving issues about the environment.
Cuba was isolated for a long-period of time because of the American trade ban. The United States President Barack Obama handed over the key, and broke the ice by visiting Havana back in March 2016. Obama used his last months of being president to crack open the door; easing travel, communications, financial and investments. Restrictions on trade are easing and there are now steps being taken towards opening its market and loosening the rules governing private businesses.…

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