The Native American Casino Establishments Essay

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The Native American Casino Establishments

The Native American Indian casinos in the United States are a growing billion dollar industry collecting mass revenues from gamblers. I have been to several Native American Establishments in my nearly four years of being age legal to gamble in California. My friends and I love to explore the variety of Native American establishments that southern California has to offer, but some are more enjoyable then others because of pros and cons. The main feature that these casinos have in common is that they are always in the middle of nowhere far from the freeway and in rural empty, vast covered areas. With over sixty-one Native American casinos in California it is safe to say that the demand for gambling in California is there. (Doyle,n.p.) From my experiences at the casinos I travel to they seem to be the pride and joy for the Native American tribe that encounters that land. The concerns that tend to arise become whether or not the Native American tribes should be allowed to build casinos on their own land regardless of the state’s laws. Both sides to this debate have voiced their opinions and beliefs all over the internet and the news. With some states outlawing gambling in the state and others allowing gambling in the state it makes it a difficult challenge to set a law that will cover all the Indian reservations in the United States. Since many Americans have at least gambled once in their lifetime it is a crucial debacle that would…

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