Essay on The National Debt

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The national debt. Ebola. Terrorists. These are only a couple of issues that the American government is currently focusing on. But a key issue in American society and economy today is the debate on whether or not to pass an immigration reform that would grant illegal aliens amnesty, or the permission to stay in the country and eventually become legal U.S. citizens. An illegal alien is a person who comes into America without a visa or permission from the government. The vast majority of immigrants come to America due to very poor economic situations in their home countries. Although many use government welfare programs such as food stamps and Medicaid without paying taxes, America’s economy and society would benefit overall if the current eleven million illegal aliens are granted the permission to stay. An immigration reform granting amnesty to illegal aliens should be passed in America, because it will reunite separated families, continue to diversify America, and provide enormous economic benefits, even though many consider a reform unfair and not beneficial economically.
An immigration reform will reunite separated families. Many immigrants, once they come into America, have children. When one or both of the parents are deported, the children are left to be taken care by family members and friends. Most of these children end up feeling uncomfortable and sometime unwanted. Deportations of illegal aliens end up being emotionally harder for their children than themselves. In…

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