The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Franklin Douglass is a prominent figure in history. That’s perhaps due to a misfortune of being born as a slave, but eventually gets free and becomes one of the most prominent figures in history. In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, this tale expresses inequality, education and freedom that even exist during slavery. This book informs first-hand what is like to be a slave, the conditions, and any circumstances that people of color have to endure by the same species. The three things I learned that I did not know before reading this book are the reason slaves are forbidden to learn, slaves’ behavior and how impoverish white children act toward the slaves. Finally, my thoughts on why Douglass is able to endure this event.
The first thing I learn is about the law that is place during slavery when it is illegal for slaves to learn. It’s mentions in the book that to teach slaves how to read and write, the masters are actually guiding them to freedom, which it’s this moment that Douglass realizes his chance of being a free man is to educate himself. Not only did I not know this, I realize that education is important to our-self because it enables us to be independent and free from any obligation. Douglass is a smart child to foster this even though he did not learn to think more logically and even plans out methods to achieve his goal.
The second encounter I did not know about is the show-off between slaves about their masters. To clarify, slaves are already in low…

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