Essay on The Narrative Of The Frederick Douglass ' Narrative

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The Frederick Douglass’ narrative starts off with him explaining his frustration of not knowing his exact birthday. He overhears his father, Captain Anthony, a white man, discussing his possible birth year and estimates he was born around 1818. Captain Anthony was not only his father, but his first slave master. His mother was a slave by the name of Harriet Bailey, who died when he was seven years old. In the first chapter he also recalls the violent abuse his Aunt Hester endured, and what he experienced himself sometimes. He even goes as far as to mention a particular incident when Aunt Hester is abused badly as a consequence to going out with a slave against the captain’s orders. In the chapter that follows Douglass describes the family of his “grand master”, Colonel Lloyd. Colonel Lloyd is Captain Anthony’s supervisor and owns over three hundred slaves. Douglass grew up on the central plantation that each slave reported to for their monthly allowances of food. The central plantation, also known by all the slaves as the “Great House Farm” was overseen by Mr. Sever, who was a very cruel man and then Mr. Hopkins, a less cruel man who took over when Sever died. Slaves were often sent over to this plantation to run errands they often sang songs that sounded both jubilant and gloomy. Douglass goes on to describe the impressiveness of the central plantation. He mentions a stable of horses and carriages, as well as an irresistible fruit garden owned by Lloyd. At the stable…

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