The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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The novel The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, written by Frederick Douglass himself, has become a classic novel that well known for the black’s movement towards freedom. Douglass makes it clear in the Appendix that one of the purposes of the narrative was to expose the reality and harsh images of slavery and well as the cruelty of slaveowners and overseers towards black people. Another purpose for writing the narrative was to debunk the mythology of slavery by exposing the reality and cruelty of slavery, turning the narrative into a testimony against the belief of black intellectual inferiority, and by revealing the disloyalty among slaves. Many white people, who were not slaveholders, had a romantic idea of the concept of slavery. To these people, slavery was a myth and they believed that black people just worked for themselves in return for food and shelter. To them, slavery did not exist. Frederick Douglass wanted to disprove the mythology of slavery throughout his narrative by being descriptive about the reality of the behavior of slaveholders towards their slaves. At one point in the novel, Douglass described his current slaveholder, Mr. Gore, as a tyrant and one who believed that slaves’ lives were meaningless and pointless. Douglass recounted the story of Demby, a fellow slave who waded into a creek to soothe the pain from a beating he had received from Mr. Gore. When Demby refused to get out of the water, Mr. Gore shot him. Douglass remembered the moment and…

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