The Narrative Life Of Fredrick Douglas Essay

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Human morals along with compassion and sympathy are typically lost in the blur of slavery. Slave holders dehumanized, devalued, and objectified slaves in order to justify their ownership. As long as they considered a salve an animal their guilt could subside and they could excuse their cruel and heinous actions. Fredrick Douglas shares several horrific examples throughout his book, The Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglas, portraying the dehumanization slavery brought to slaves and slaveholders. Douglas uses powerful imagery throughout the book to arose his readers. His voice acknowledge the unjust life of abuse and neglect of slaves and the dehumanize factors slave holders possess. It is fairly easy and obvious to recognize how slaves were mistreated and dehumanized, but the underlying story Douglas portrays is the dehumanization of slaver holders. Slave holders are not typically seen as victims, but from their point of view they did not think their action were morally wrong. The southern religious society dehumanized slaveholder by portraying an unjust community, preaching the evil of slavery as good and demonizing their spirt and compassion. From the moment a slave is born, he/she is denied the most basic rights of humanity. Infants are stripped away from their mother and placed under the care of an elderly women, denying them the chance to form the natural human bond of love and affection between mother and child. Also, it was common for a slave master to be the father…

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