The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi Essays

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Gender can be seen as a connection between a person 's physical appearance and sense of self as a male or female, gender identity, which help to shape and enforce expectations for each gender within a community. Specifically in The Citadel, a military style institution, where there is a strong belief that Citadel men represent true masculinity, which is why the cadets try to hold themselves above anyone who expresses weakness or any qualities linked to femininity. In the 1994 article “The Naked Citadel” American journalist Susan Faludi looks at how the presence of women at the Citadel would limit the freedom the cadets have from larger society 's restrictions and expectations of masculinity. Faludi also goes in depth with the negative and intense reaction of the cadets so much to the point that women become metaphorized as infectious contaminants that threaten to infect and break the dynamic of the all-male community at The Citadel. Gender is no more infectious than cancer, but is still seen as a threat to anyone who does not fully understand the concept because he or she does not know what to expect. In her essay “Illness as Metaphor” Susan Sontag, an American writer, argues that metaphors surrounding illnesses like cancer or tuberculosis (TB) only serve to increase patient suffering by muddling the real meaning of having an illness with fantasies to cover up what is thought to be an undesirable attribute in a group of people. Similarly men at The Citadel use metaphors to…

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