The Myth That Religion Is The True Cause War Essay

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While war has evil actions involved, religion does not involve these same evil actions. Relationship with God is the source of good found on earth for believers, so how could the source of good create something evil? The answer to this is easy; it cannot. Since the beginning of Creation, people have been evil and sinful. People have also been very passionate. Some people are passionate about other people, passionate about places, passionate about the things they love, passionate about religion. Some have been so very passionate about these things, often leading to destruction. Thus, religion does not cause war, people cause war. Although many atheists and agnostics claim that religion is the main cause of war, the evil in human nature is the true cause.
Several claims have been made as to why some believe religion causes war. Robin Schumacher writes an article, "The Myth That Religion is the #1 Cause of War", denying the claim that religion causes war he says, "one of hatetheism 's key cheerleaders, Sam Harris, says in his book The End of Faith that faith and religion are "the most prolific source of violence in our history"" (Schumacher). Schumacher goes on to give numerical statistics about war, and how yes there are some wars in history that can be successfully claimed to be caused by religion but that is "an astonishingly low 6.98% of all wars" (Schumacher). This percentage is including every single form of religion and faith practiced. History also shows that the…

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