Essay on The Myth Of The Myths

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Defining Myth Many scholars interpret theories of myth differently. Because of the variety of tales told in myths, it is hard to narrow it down to one established definition. Its’ Greek origin suggests myths are stories narrated either by mouth or through other media such as art, drama, or music. For this reason, myths can be applied universally due to their broadness. Legends, folktales, and fairytales are often confused with myths and for that reason many who study mythology attempt to distinguish between them. For one to understand the true meaning of myth, it is important to know the different definitions of the term. Each of the elements that will be discussed in this essay contributes to mythology as a whole. Most theories come from psychologists and psychoanalysts. Carl Jung was one man who devoted himself to one interpretation of myth, which he referred to as “collective unconscious”. Jung distinguished between personal unconscious and collective unconscious, which went past the initial connection between myths and dreams. He stated that dreams might be personal interests of an individual’s own life or the collective embraces of political and social questions. Jung defined the word archetype as a dramatic pattern of a certain situation and the way it develops. Two key archetypes described by Jung are anima and animus and ultimately refer to the female characteristics that every male carries within himself and the male characteristics that every woman…

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