The Myth Of The Meritocracy Myth Essay

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Question #2
While most people cannot name the Meritocracy Myth, remain unaware of its existence and are unable to define it, they still believe it. It manages to permeate every facet of society and social institution. Its influence is everywhere. This would not be a problem if it were true. However, a myth by its very definition means something that is untrue and therefore the Meritocracy Myth is something we have learned to believe in with little basis in reality.
Meritocracy is an ideology that centers on the belief that an individual’s success is the result of their own personal hard work. The central notion is that an individual’s success is based solely on their abilities and their abilities alone. Their success did not result from any outside influence or forces that may have existed along the way. The myth comes from the belief or general thought that anyone can pull themselves up by the bootstraps and improve their standing in society and experience actual social mobility. The standard is that anyone can achieve success and move up the social ladder as long as they are willing to do the work necessary to make that happen.
The Meritocracy Myth has many origins that created a foundation for its existence. These origins that form the basis of the Myth are rooted in some social institutions, for example, religion. There are religious ideals that can be connected to meritocracy. The Puritans, in its Calvinism form, believed that good things happen to good people. Those…

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