The Myth Of Australia As A Classless Society Essay

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The class plays a major role in every individual’s life on an everyday basis due to their living choices. Class is defined as a way of how society is structured, which people or things is divided into certain groups based on social and economic status. There are three types of class: elite, middle and lower class. In Australia, people are known to be a classless society, although Australia does have a hierarchical structure, however it comes across to understanding class-consciousness. In Australian contemporary societies, class is known to be irrelevant. The following essay will discuss how the myth of Australia being a classless society continue to circulate and how this myth may allow a wealthy and privileged minority of Australians to reinforce ongoing inequality while making their exercise of power all but invisible. It will also investigate in Michael Foucault’s theory of power.

The term “Class” is usually changed depending on the type of approach and its perceptiveness. It does not conclude with one meaning, but it is identified as several forms. Class is not necessarily defined as economic and the amount of money an individual earns but falls under the categories of social, cultural, political, environmental and economic. These categories play a major role in an individual’s lives and influence their ‘social class’. Class based is a structure of the class directing of all racial and ethnic groups of men and women working as well as the choices of each individuals.…

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